Run Analysis. Get Insights. In 1-Click.

Impress your boss and delight your customers with jaw-dropping insights.

Hundreds of pre-built models for exploratory and statistical analysis.
No coding is required. No data science knowledge is required.


How NeoAnalyst Works?
Analyze Any Dataset

NeoAnalyst is designed to analyze any dataset without preparing context or manual data mapping.
Instant Analysis Queries

Don’t worry about ‘what to ask?’. NeoAnalyst recommends instant analysis queries to help you get started.
Get Smart Recommendations

75% of NeoAnalyst insights are statistical analysis models that give you insights and smart recommendations.

Why NeoAnalyst?

Move beyond PowerBI and Excel for insights. Graduate to recommendations.

Context Aware

NeoAnalyst builds the context on any dataset without extensive user instructions or manual mapping.

Get 25 pre-built AI Analysis Queries to get started with your analysis or ask your own analysis queries.

Predictive Analytics & Instant Insights

Forecast sales, understand customer behavior, analyze cashflow, explore product pricing strategy and more.

Visualise analysis results as easy-to-understand charts and get detailed insights on your analysis results.

Tailored Recommendations

Get smart recommendations that you can implement or to generate new ideas.

Integrate recommendations into decisions workflow to automate tasks.

Revenue Leaders, Business Operators

and Data Analysts love NeoAnalyst

Chris Smolak

It looks like a great way to get some info, particularly for non-specialists to interact with to gain some insights.

Marcus Hubler

I’m excited to be an early adopter of this amazing tool.

Shashwat Tiwari

Droolworthy Concept! Excited to get my hands on it.

Plans & Pricing



Best for individuals

(No Credit Card Required)

  • 10 Analyses
  • 1 Dataset
  • Email & Chat Support


Best for professional

  • 100 Analyses
  • 10 Datasets
  • Email & Chat Support


Best for business

  • 1000 Analyses
  • 100 Datasets
  • Email & Chat Support

Try NeoAnalyst Enterprise Cloud

Runs in your cloud.

Runs with GPT, Claude, and LLaMa.

Additional customization.